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How to find the best alcohol delivery service in Singapore

July 23, 2015

Ordering online works well if the items ordered are delivered quickly and efficiently. Prompt delivery is proof of the professionalism on the online retailer. In Singapore, it is very easy to order beer, wines and spirits form online alcohol retailers and alcohol delivery service is prompt and efficient. Once the order has been finalized online, an email confirmation will let you know when to expect alcohol delivery service.

How to search for reliable alcohol delivery services


As internet shoppers increase, the risks are not far behind. It is very easy to search for online alcohol retailers because of the presence of search engines but it is difficult to assess the reliability of the site. One of the methods of ensuring that you are dealing with a trustworthy online retailer with the best alcohol delivery service is to search through established business directories. You can find links to the websites of alcohol retailers who have made good on their promise of prompt delivery. Some websites have introduced a new system to help save on delivery costs. If you spend S$100 or more on alcohol, delivery is free within Singapore. It is very easy to add a case of Heineken beer to the Martell VSOP on your shopping cart to avail of the free delivery service.

There are online alcohol retailers who have an integrated online ordering and delivery system. This means that after you place an order, the system will automatically let you know when to expect delivery. Some online alcohol retailers promise to deliver within an hour and you can take them for their word. For the benefit other consumers who are also searching for reliable alcohol delivery service, share your personal views and experiences. There are many consumers who actually read reviews before they order online.
If you are planning on an event or party where you will serve wine, liquor and beer, checkout the sites of alcohol retailers with an extensive history of good service in Singapore. No matter the size of the order or how late in the evening you order, it should be delivered as promised. Delivery will not be a problem if the online alcohol retailer is located in Singapore because a delivery team can be in your home, office or event in an hour or so. Purchasing alcohol should no longer be an issue even during weekends where alcohol restrictions are in place.

The importance of reviews

Reviews help build trust for a website in the absence of a face-to-face communication. Reviews from customers provide proof of the reliability of the online alcohol retailer. Besides price, reliability should be a priority when dealing with ecommerce sites. Many consumers read reviews as part of their pre-purchase search and they are influenced by what they read. It makes sense to listen to the opinions of others because it is often based on personal experience. Consulting reviews is now a logical step to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and trustworthy online retailer. The increasing quantity of reviews online will help you assess the best alcohol delivery service in Singapore.

Guide to Find Out the Best Alcohol in Town

July 23, 2015

Buying alcohol in Singapore can be difficult between 10:30PM to 7AM daily because of the Liquor Control Bill. Even retailers in the designated areas of Geylang and Little India are subjected to more stringent control and they cannot sell alcohol from 7PM on Saturday to 7AM on Monday. The option for the public is to drink alcohol in licensed places like bars, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels. The problem here is if you are having a party and you want to serve alcohol to your guests. Find here the guide for sourcing the best alcohol in town.

Where to get the best alcohol in town


Because of the long weekend where there are alcohol restrictions in place, the option is to buy early so that you can serve alcohol to your friends on a Saturday or Sunday night party. However, make allowances for the surge in customers because of the new bill. It would be ideal to buy alcohol a few days earlier, like Wednesday or Thursday to avoid long queues.

The cheapest and best alcohol in Singapore comes from online stores. There are many online outlets in Singapore with promotions of free delivery services once the order reaches a specified amount. The best deals actually appear on their promotions page. Find here the online outlets that offer the most amazing deals.

It is no secret that you can buy cheap duty-free alcohol at Changi Airport but unfortunately, you have to be an overseas traveller to qualify as a buyer from the duty-free shops. There is also a limit on how much alcohol you can buy which can pose a problem if you are planning on a party. However, you will not be disappointed with duty-free stores because there is a great selection of liquor, wines, spirits and other alcohol products at great prices.

Supermarkets lead the favorite distribution channels for the best alcohol in town and they are conveniently located across the island. The convenience and accessibility including their competitive prices make supermarkets as among the best sources of alcohol. However, supermarkets as well as convenience stores also have to comply with the alcohol restrictions.
How to search for alcohol online outlets in Singapore

Searching for alcohol outlets online is similar to how you search for other items. Simply type Alcohol Delivery on your browser and if the site has good SEO it will appear on the first page of the search results. Check out their promotions like a commitment to free delivery within one hour for orders that are more than $50. There are online outlets with 24/7 delivery services so that you can have a bottle of Black Label even at 7AM. However, there are also outlets that take orders from 6PM to midnight only. Most of the best brands of alcohol are represented but it makes sense to check out those that offer the lowest price can or per bottle. Because beer can be ordered in bulk, you will have something to drink even with the new alcohol restrictions. Find here the best alcohol online outlets in Singapore.